Our certified thermograpy technicians are also red seal electricians. They perform imaging, inspection and evaluation for our commercial, institutional, industrial, municipal and residential clients. We produce customized reports showing the results, also providing recommendations, and performing necessary repairs where needed.


Infrared thermography is a non-invasive process where a thermal camera captures and creates an image of an object by using infrared radiation emitted from that object. It converts the infrared (IR) radiation (heat) into visible images based upon the temperature differences in the area viewed by the thermal camera. As an object increases in temperature the infrared emissive power increases as well. This allows thermographers to capture images which are not visible to the naked eye.



If moisture gets trapped under your roof membrane, not only can it increase heating and cooling costs, but can also cause condensation to form which is hazardous to the interior of the building, to any equipment inside and can cause mold and air quality issues. Thermographic scans of a roof can detect problems without the need to drill holes in your roof to use a moisture meter.


Scans of the entire building envelope can help to find air leaks, heat leaks, quality issues in building construction that can identify ways for building owners to save money from heat loss.

  • moisture inside the walls
  • missing, damaged or wet insulation
  • air leaks
  • radiant floor heat pipework


The best way to maintain your electrical systems is to be able to predict and prevent potential problems before they become issues. Because excessive heat is a sign of issues such as mechanical wear, electrical overload of circuits, poor connections, etc., an infrared electrical inspection is an effective way to survey electrical equipment to find any problem areas so they may be corrected before they cause injuries or costly shutdowns. Routine infrared inspections of electrical equipment are a non-contact, non-destructive, very worthwhile preventative maintenance tool. Having annual IR Inspections can help your insurance company to fully assess that your risk is lower with a predictive maintenance plan than without, and this can save you money.

What is visible to the naked eye

What IR Camera shows (Overloaded fuses)


Our thermographers will image your home, or one you may wish to purchase, in order to provide information not available to the naked eye. This will show things like structural defects, pest or rodent infestations, broken seals in double pane windows, areas of heat loss, missing, wet or poorly installed insulation, water problems, and identify moisture issues so you may correct before they become mold issues.